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Car loan with a bad credit

Car loan

What is a car loan?

When you take a loan to purchase a new or a used car is a car loan. We often call it car finance too. As we know, every loan has an interest rate and a term. Likewise, a car loan can be a secured or an unsecured loan. You need to have the following information to apply for a car loan.

  • A valid documentation of your annual income.
  • Also, you to have one active contact number and email address.
  • In addition, you need to have your temporary and permanent address from the UK.
  • Some basic or general outgoings should be handy on papers.


Can I get a car finance with a poor credit rating?

Apparently, a car finance is a process where a borrower has to apply with many lenders. As a result, you can get a car finance even if you have a poor credit rating. On the contrary, it may get you high-interest rate. Seems like, it is an opportunity for the lenders to approve a no guarantor loans on poor credit rating. Because borrowers charge high-interest rate to make money although it is a risk for them. A borrower has to apply online to get a no-obligation quote. Also, he can close the best deal with the most reasonable one. Always check if you vehicle is taxed and has an MOT


Guaranteed car loans in the UK


Benefits of a car finance:

  • First, a borrower does not have to spend a lump sum amount.
  • As a result, it improves the credit rating of the applicant if he pays off the loan within time. Besides, the applicant may apply for another loan in the future. As his credibility improves.
  • Overall this finance helps you to become a car owner. which certainly enhances your standard of living.
  • The decision of taking a car loan strengthens you to deal with bigger finances.
  • At the end, you become an owner of a dream car by making a down payment only.


Various car loans in the UK :

Apparently, there are a few popular car finance in the UK like PCP,  HP, Leasing & PCH. These various car loans have different characteristics. You may shortlist the loan as per your choice, convenience and interest.  Personal Contract Purchase, Hire Purchase, Personal Contract Hire and Leasing are good options. These loans can help you to be the owner of the car at the end of the loan. Or you may surrender the car as per the form of the loan. So, if you are looking for any car loan, we can definitely help you.


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